Comparing Chiyo Musubi “Gegege no Kitaro” Series


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This time is about comparing the Kitaro series of sake, brewed by Chiyomusubi Brewery.




○ First day of Reiwa

One week later, this time will be the first article written in Reiwa era.

I thought that I would like to give up the usual articles in a faint manner, but again, a new era began, and I was trying to do something new. I wrote an article that compares the taste of sake having same brand name.

In fact, this article was scheduled to be upgraded on the first day of Reiwa era on May 1, 2019. On April 30, the last day of the former era, I compared the taste, but I had so drunk.

I remember it until I had taken a note of it by comparing taste, but I have no memory after that, and when I waked up, it was around 10 a.m. on May 1, 2019.

In addition, I had hangover, headache and feeling bad. In all day long, I was lying down in bed until around 22:00. It was the bad first day of the Reiwa period.

It was the beginning of the new era when I was able to imagine my own bad destiny. Well, I positively considered it as a topic of the story, and the main part of this report is as follows.


○ Chiyo Musubi
Now, let me remind you that this is an article about comparing the taste of sake brewed by Chiyomusubi Brewery in Tottori Prefecture.

The following three bottles are compared to drink.
Kitaro Jungin
Oyaji Gokuraku Jungin
Konaki Junmai

Yes, this is a collaboration product with “Gegege no Kitaro“.

“Chiyo Musubi Brewery,” which produces this sake, is a sake brewery in Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture.
Sakaiminato City is where Shigeru Mizuki, the creator of “Gegege no Kitaro”, grew up, which became famous a while ago when “Gegege no nyobo” was broadcasted on NHK’s morning drama.

From Sakaiminato Station in its center, to Honmachi Arcade in the east, it is about 800 meters long.
Objects of Yokai(Spirit) that appears in “Gegege no Kitaro” is installed and is called “Mizuki Shigeru Road“.




“Chiyomusubi Shuzo” is a sake brewery located along this Mizuki Shigeru Road, and it seems that this collaborative product is being made from that connection.

From the photo, it may seem that the comparison of taste was made because I had visited Sakaiminato using the 10 consecutive holidays and bought alcoholic beverages.

However, it was taken about 11 years ago, when Izumo Taisha began to rebuild new shrine for the first time in 60 years and the inside of the shrine was released. I took an Izumo trip to see it, and I came to Sakaiminato and took some pictures^^;


○ Discovered at “Sake no Daimasu”

The reason this comparison was planed, was that I saw this sake in a liquor shop “Sake no Daimasu” near my house.

I, the administrator buys sake at a nearby supermarket on Saturdays in order to enjoy it once a week and to post information on the site. However, I had bought almost all sake sold at that supermarket, so recently I went out a bit longer and bought sake up to “Daimasu”.

There is “Sake no Daimasu” near Kaminari-mon Gate in Sensoji Temple. The main shop of Daimasu is located on Senzoku-dori Street in Asakusa (recently, it seems like this area is called “Oku Asakusa“). I went to this head shop.


The shop near Kaminarimon is always full of people. I want to do “Kakuuchi” ( it means “drink in the liquor shop”), but there are too many people and it’s hard for me to go by myself. The shop in “Oku” Asakusa, there are very few people in around 19 to 21 o’clock, so it’s up to me that I’m visiting with that in mind ^^;

Incidentally, there is a corner with a counter at the back of the head office.

We cannot drink in the shop at around 19:00 when I go, but it may be possible during the daytime.

As an anecdote goes, among the three sake mentioned above, “Oyaji Gokuraku Jungin” and “Konaki Junmai” were placed in “Sake no Daimasu.”

When I looked it up on the internet, this (the name given by me.) seems to have other “Kitaro Jungin” and “Nezumitokoo Jungin“. I thought it would be interesting if I compared each one with the same snack, and before entering the consecutive holidays, I didn’t see “Nezumiotoko Jungin”, but I ordered “Kitaro Jungin” on Amazon and compared the drinks with the above 3 bottles.


○ Tasting of

Because of that background, we bought the sake.

Before tasting, I prepare dishes to match alcohol, and first we will taste them individually.

“Kitaro Jungin”

The first is the main character, “Kitaro Jungin.”


Under the phrase “I went to Shigeru Mizuki Road,” a label on which Kitaro and his eyeball father(“Medama no Oyaji”) are wearing travel costumes.
On the back of the bottle it says, “Let your cute parents and children travel… sogeda(maybe it means “that’s it”).”

It’s like sake for souvenirs from Sakaiminato, isn’t it?
Well, let’s take it. The scent is not so strong.

The taste is a slightly sweet, a clear, soft and loose mouth feel.
I hardly feel alcohol and it is very easy to drink.

On the back side, it said “non-filtration”, but I couldn’t find any sediment in the sake.
It feels sweet and light without feeling any alcohol.

This sake is tender overlapping with the image of Kitaro, who is the third in the anime series, which I watched. It seemed that people who are not good at drinking, should be able to drink.
However, the alcohol content is 16 degrees, so if you drink too much, you will surely get drunk, though ^^;


“Oyaji Gokuraku Jungin”

Next is “Oyaji Gokuraku Jungin


Under the letters written with “Gokuraku( it means “heaven”)” in a somewhat larger size, the father of the eyeball is immersed in a tea bowl bath, which conveys the “Gokuraku” feeling, doesn’t it?

Behind the bottle was a conversation with Kitaro,

Oyaji: “Oh oh, good water. By the way, Kitaro, when I get out of the bath, will you prepare the sake for me? ”
Kitaro: ” Father, is that the secret sake? ”
Oyaji: “That’s it! it’s an imaginable liquor that doesn’t seem to belong to this world. It’s the world’s paradise that I drinks after the bath.”

(In my mind, a conversation takes place in the voice of Isami Tanaka and Keiko Toda, they are CV of the third series).

As for the taste of the sake,
The fragrance has a sweet like fruit, especially melon.

And the taste has somewhat sweet as imagined from its fragrance.
However, unlike ‘ Kitaro Jungin, ‘ when you drink it, there is a little alcohol feeling and it feels tanrei (light).
It’s delicious.

After drinking, a little stronger alcohol feeling will come more and more fluffy.

I got the impression that “Kitaro Jungin” is not so strong in a sense that even people who are not good at drinking can probably drink it, but this “Oyaji Gokuraku Jungin” has a solid feeling of “alcohol.

Added to that, “Oyaji Gokuraku Jungin” has a sweet and delicious taste, so certainly it’s a delicious “Gokuraku(Heaven)” liquor.


“Konaki Junmai”

“And the third is “Konaki Junmai.”


On the label, “Konakijiji” is drawn, and it is written on top of it as “super-dry as much as make Yokai(“spirit”) cry.”
The Kitaro and Medama no Oyaji was “Jungin” says “Junmai Ginjo” but this is “Junmai shu.”

On the back of the bottle, it says, “I’m Konakijiji, you have a nightmare”, “Konaki Junmai super dry,” and “Nihonshudo +15.”
Generally, the level of sake “Nihonshudo” considered “dry” is about +5 to +7, so if you say +15, it certainly looks like “super dry” enough to make you “cry.”

I had at the super-dry flavor,
First of all, I can feel the slight aroma and the fragrance derived from rice.
The flavor is certainly “dry.”

Including one bite, the alcoholic taste of rice is the first thing to do!
This feeling of alcohol is “dry”, isn’t it?

However, it is not just a dry sake, but there is a taste and sweetness of rice at the back of the taste, and it feels like a lingering aftertaste.

“Oyaji Gokuraku Jungin” had a good balance of sweetness and alcohol and felt relieved when it was drunk, but “Konaki Junmai” is now purely like “sake!”
I thought the labels had no false.


Now, I can’t continue drinking only alcohol, so I really need dishes to drink, and the theme of the blog posted on this site is basically “Mariage of Alcohol and Food” with a few exceptions at the beginning.

So, after this comparison of the results of this Mariage, I think, but this introduction part is too long every time, and it has become so long as 3,400 characters so far. I will tell you the article again about the results of Mariage ^^;


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