Comparing Chiyo Musubi “Gegege no Kitaro” Series 2


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Now, this is a continuation of an article about a comparison of drinks of collaborative sake with , which is being brewed by Tottori’s sake brewery, Chiyomusubi Brewery.





○ This time’s knob

Last time, I compared three sake of the collaboratives.
This time, I will compare them when combined with food.

I am a person who cannot continue drinking alcohol alone. Always drink with something to eat.
Sake no Daimasu, where I bought sake, sold canned and dried foods.
I had been wondering, and bought some of the pinches that can be used to compare them.

First, here.


This is called ‘ tobei (soybean dairy)’.
It is made by Tobei Co., Ltd.

The Web site says that this food is based on “tofu miso pickles” that were made as preserved foods by Heike’s defeated samurai soldiers who fled deep in the mountains of Kyushu about 800 years ago.

This product was made with the aim of having a deeper taste while preserving that traditional “tofu miso pickles”. Unlike the original, ‘tobei’ is pickled in special moromi for more than 150 days.

It looks like this (It’s bad sense picture, so it’s better that you look here ^^;).


The flavor is the flavorful cheese of Narazuke.
The texture feels soft and moist like cheese.

With Narazuke’s sweet alcoholic taste, the taste of tofu comes with a slight touch. It’s delicious.
If it is placed on the tongue, it will dissolve especially. I felt like that.




“Tenguno Smoke Tongue”.
This pork smoke Tongue is made by Tengu Nakata Sangyo Co., Ltd. in Kanazawa.
The fatty flavor and the meat’s original flavor are felt so well that it’s neat and refreshing.



kraft_cheddar cheeze

“Craft Cheddar Cheese”.
I bought it at a supermarket in my neighborhood.

Speaking of wine snacks, cheese is often said. Following that, I tried choosing cheese.
The taste is one we remember as “cheese.”
The salty, milk-rich taste is delicious.


And another one.


It’s “bonito on vegitables”.

This is one that bonito is on the cut vegetables bought at a supermarket in my neighborhood and herbs are scattered with ponzu vinegar.

I thought I’d start with making bonito tataki.
Unfortunately, there was no strip of raw bonito, so I just put it on pieces that has already been sliced.
It is ordinary taste, just as you might imagine ^^;

However, the pungency of raw garlic is an accent, so compared to ordinary bonito tataki, it is stimulating and has become a appetizing one.

I introduce the recipe.


Material for “bonito on vegitables” (for two people)

Bonito tataki (roast bonito): 1 pc.
Cut vegetables: 1 bag
Six green shiso (Japanese perilla)
Terrace : 2 Terumo
Ponzu (soy sauce mixed with citrus): Appropriate amount


How to make a “bonito on vegitables”

1. Slice bonito, green shiso, and garlic. Slice the bonito to a thickness of about 1cm, the green shiso to a width of 3 to 5mm, and the garlic to a thickness of 1mm or less.

2. Cut vegetables in a dish.

3. Place sliced bonito, green shiso and garlic on the cut vegetables in this order.

4. pouring ponzu in a moderate amount from above (it’s ok, soaking it when you eat)

I tried comparing the three sake with these four dishes.


○ “Tobei” and Chiyomusubi series”

The first is “Tobei”.


Together with “Kitaro Jungin,”

Good match.
The sweetness and umami of soybean dairy blend with the sweetness and umami of sake.
You can feel the delicious taste of a mild and higher-quality bean.

Next, let’s eat it with “Oyaji Gokuraku Jungin”.

It’s not bad.
It does not kill the inherent flavor of soybean dairy, but make me feel the taste as it is.

I’ll try it with “Konaki Junmai” next time.

This also seems to be match.
It enhances the sweetness of that sake lees in Narazuke.

When you compare drinks in this way, you can see that the taste of the same dishes varies considerably depending on the alcoholic beverages.
Personally, I felt that “Kitaro Jungin” seemed to be the best match among the three.


○ “Tenguno Smoke Tongue” and Chiyomusubi series

Next is “Tenguno Smoked Tongue”.


First of all, when drinking it with “Kitaro Jugin”,
It’s quite a good match.
It feels like it brings out the flavor of smoked foods.

Next, with “Oyaji Gokuraku Jungin”,
I feel that the bitterness is emphasized, perhaps because it is the smoked taste of the smoked tongue.

This time “Konaki Junmai”,
As the taste of alcohol is stronger, the taste of smoktan disappears and I feel the taste of alcohol stands out.
It’s light, less tasty snack, the “Kitaro Jungin” is seems to have a good compatibility because it is the most gentle-taste sake among the three.

○ “Craft Cheddar Cheese” and Chiyomusubi series

This time, it’s “Craft Cheddar Cheese”.


Together with “Kitarou Jungin”,
The taste of “Kitarou Jungin” and the taste of the cheddar cheese do not interfere with each other, and it seems that they coexist.

Next, “Oyaji Gokuraku Jungin”,
Good match.
Alcohol and cheese overlap, bringing out the saltiness and umami of cheese.

This time, “Konaki Junmai”
The taste of cheese is drawn to the back, and the alcohol feeling of liquor increases.
Cheddar cheese has a unique taste of dairy products, and its taste is strong there.
For this reason, it seems that “Oyaji Gokuraku Jungin”, which is similar in type, has the best match.


○ “Bonito on vegetables” and Chiyomusubi “”Gegege no Kitaro”” series”

Finally, it’s a “Bonito on vegetables”.


First of all, with “Kitaro Jungin.”
Without adding to the saltiness of ponzu or the pungency of garlic, the sweetness of “Kitaro jungin” remains.
It doesn’t seem to match well.

Next, “Oyaji Gokuraku Jungin”.
It feels like it’s neither good nor bad because it coexists without counteracting each other’s taste.

Next “Konaki Junmai”
Yeah, it’s very good!
This dry sake softens the spiciness of raw garlic.
It envelops the spiciness and turns it into a delicious taste.

It melts with the delicious flavor of bonito and transforms it into a new flavor.
I feels like that.

It’s a raw fish, although it’s put with garlic or broiled.
As expected, dry sake goes well with raw fish dishes. I feel that “Konaki Junmai” is the best match”.


○ To the conclusion

In this article, I have organized the story with “Comparing Sake” as the main theme. What do you think?”
In fact, I am currently studying for the qualification of “Kikisakeshi”.

“Kikisakeshi” is Sommelier for Japanese sake.
I thought it would be interesting if I could introduce the difference in the taste of each sake, so I tried to make an article like this.

I’m still inexperienced in how to express, but I hope I can continue to write such articles in the future as well.
I would be grateful if you could continue reading it in the future.

Well then, look forward to the next time again☆


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