Branch for Soba of “O-nishi” in Ueda city, The Soba is supreme!


Thank you for seeing this blog today.
This time is the article for O-nishi, which is Soba restaurant in Ueda city, Nagano prefecture.

In the past article of the blog, which is for Yanagi-machi, I had introduced this restaurant.
The shop had been closed then but this time I visited the restaurant earlier.
This is the photo which took last time.

Nagano_Ueda_Teuchi-Hyakugei O-nishi_Outlook

No, I forgot to take a photo of the outlook ^^;
Inside of the restaurant was this.

Nagano_Ueda_Teuchi-Hyakugei O-nishi_inside

The center of the photo is the place where they make Soba and in left side of this photo there is kitchen.
Above the Soba making place, there was a plaque saying “Daichi-no-energy-wo Soba-ni-Uchikomi-tai”, in English “I’ll be making Soba pouring the Earth Energy into it!”.

We can know the master’s will.
Well, ordering. Menu said,

Nagano_Ueda_Teuchi-Hyakugei O-nishi_menu

I like a la carte and ordered “Sanshu-Soba”, “Three Soba”
It was sorry that the “A la carte” didn’t include “Hatsuga-Soba”, which is the speciality of this restaurant.

I wish I had looked up the menu well and next time I will never fail to eat it!
Waiting for Soba I looked through the menu.

First, Drinks.

Nagano_Ueda_Teuchi-Hyakugei O-nishi_menu_drinks

Though wanting to drink “Namazake-Reishu”, I didn’t do it because I drove car.
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Nagano_Ueda_Teuchi-Hyakugei O-nishi_menu2 Nagano_Ueda_Teuchi-Hyakugei O-nishi_menu3
Nagano_Ueda_Teuchi-Hyakugei O-nishi_menu4 Nagano_Ueda_Teuchi-Hyakugei O-nishi_menu5

There was the explanation that the master opened the restaurant and was seeking for “the best Soba”, which said he was making Soba with whole his spirits and body.

I think that it is good that the shop-master or the president should explain his mind with enthusiasm in letters or talking.
The mind with enthusiasm makes us moved, felt good and emphasize the motivation.

Then the Soba arrived.

Nagano_Ueda_Teuchi-Hyakugei O-nishi_Sanshu-Soba  Nagano_Ueda_Teuchi-Hyakugei O-nishi_Sanshu-Soba2

No especially explanation, perhaps, “Sarashina”, “Hikigurumi”, “Inaka”.

“Sarashina” is Soba made only with germ of Soba and the Soba color becomes white.
“Hikigurumi” is Soba got rid of hull from, with cuticle and the soba color becomes more black than Sarashina.
“Inaka” is Soba made with whole fruite of soba, germ cuticle and hull. So the color is much more black than “Hikigurumi”

Eating in order from left.
First, “Sarashina”

Nagano_Ueda_Teuchi-Hyakugei O-nishi_Sanshu-Soba_Sarashina

It’s slippery through my throat (Sorry, my English is not good and I am afraid that I can’t express well or express wrong).

Next “Hikigurumi”

Nagano_Ueda_Teuchi-Hyakugei O-nishi_Sanshu-Soba_Hikigurumi

Very Delicious!!
I’ve never eaten such delicious Soba!!!

The taste is quite different from other soba which I had had!
My image of Soba had been changed completely!
If I dare say, the taste was white of egg with original sweetness.

In the first place, it is very mystery why the Soba has stickiness like white beside in spite of Jyu-wari-Soba, which means that the Soba was made only with Soba wheat.
I can’t tell the taste in letters so I do recommend to eat it by yourself!

Last “Inaka”.

Nagano_Ueda_Teuchi-Hyakugei O-nishi_Sanshu-Soba_Inaka

To tell the truth, I didn’t remember the difference well because of the impact of “Hikigurumi” ^^;
“Inaka”, however, has stickiness like “Hikigurumi” and unique Umami, sweetness.
I was crazy to eat it through!

Nagano_Ueda_Teuchi-Hyakugei O-nishi_Sanshu-Soba_eat up

It seemed to take more time to eat than to wait ^^;
I had Soba-yu after that.

I met a great Soba and experienced many wonder.
I thought that the master’s enthusiasm made the great Soba.

If you visit Nagano prefecture, I do recommend you to visit this restaurant.
It is enough value to eat the Soba!


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