Ueda city, Nagano ⑪ ― In Yanagi-machi, Le Vain to Oh-nishi ―

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In the last blog, I wrote an article when I visited Okazaki Shuzou (Brewery) who was the brewer of “Kirei” in Yanagi-machi.

This time, I will talk about restaurants in Yanagi-machi other than Okazaki Brewery.

Next to Okazaki Brewery there is a baker called “Le Vain”.

The bread is using natural yeast.

The interior is dark because there are no fluorescent lights, but it is suitable for this shop. Entering the shop, there is a wood burning stove, and on the right there is a counter with buns arranged.
In the back of it there are kilns that are supposed to bake bread.

There is a restaurant in the shop.

I thought that I have lunch here, but the manager entered the store in around 14 o’clock, so regrettably the lunch time was over.

I bought the most popular in the store “Melange” and “Walnut pie”, and left the shop.

When I bought it, both were still warm.

After I got back to the car, I ate “Walnut pie”, but it was crunchy and moist but smooth, fancy sweetness was exquisite and very delicious pie ☆

I should have taken pictures inside the shop, but it was impossible for cowardice ^^;

If you are interested, please visit “Ueda Le Vain” (in Japanese) if you googled it will hit.

Since the inside of the store and the articles and pictures of the lunch plate are out on the blog of the person who visited the shop (when the manager searched, “Le Vain – to the top of HP” was displayed) I hope it will be better.


Proceeding further north from Le Vain, such a flag stood.

This flag is quite interesting and as I go near,

It is a bit hard to perceive, but in the upper right corner of “Ueda Castle’s Scholarly Book”, is written “Rakujou-nai(“the castle is never occupied by enemy”)” and make it read “Ochinai(Not fall or not fail in entrance exam)”.

That’s why “Ueda Castle” which was attacked twice by the great army of Tokugawa and was not occupied as much as anything, so “Rakujou-nai (not occupied)” → “Ochinai (not occupied)” → “Ochinai (not fail in entrance exam)”.

I felt the Japanese like such puns or love to play words, so I smiled and smiled.

Furthermore, walking for a while, such a restaurant

This is a shop called “Korabo Shokudou”, which seems to be a shop of “One Day Chef”, where persons who want to cook are a chef of the shop day by day and provides lunch.

On the web site, they are looking for a chef, so if you are interested in it, it is good to look at the website of “Korabo Shokudou” by googling with “Ueda Korabo” (in Japanese).

As you walk further north, you will see a soba shop on the right.

This is “Teuchi Hyakugei Oh-nishi”, soba restaurant.

In this restaurant, it seems that you can enjoy “germination soba” developed by the shop owner.

The web site has a spirit of shop owner’s passion for soba, and there is explanation of “germination soba”.

“Germination soba” germinates the fruits of buckwheat and is scooped up by his own recipe.
the sweetness increases more than ordinary soba, and it tastes like rice cakes and unique slime.
It seems that buckwheat noodles are completely different from one we usually eat.

“It seems to be” is because the buckwheat has already been sold out when the administrator visited it and I only wrote this with watching the website.

When I go next time, I will definitely eat it.

By the way, at this shop, it seems that you can drink Okazaki Brewery’s “Shinshu-Kirei Junmai-shu”, which appeared in the last article.

“Shinshu-Kirei” seems to have one of the concepts that they brew sake that fits soba.

It is the Oh-nishi that you can enjoy such luxuries that you eat soba in Shinshu, which is named by tasty soba which is made with soba powder harvested in Shinshu and with water in Shinshu, with drinking sake made in Shinshu.

So, I also posted this shop in the database.

Well, I definitely want to eat soba. I also want to visit there soon ☆

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