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Last time I talked about Ninomaru, Honmaru of Komoro Castle.
Compared to Ueda Castle article, it became much shorter.
This is because I intend to put the articled shorter because I made the Ueda castle’s one too long.

By the way, this time is about Soba Restaurant in Komoro, which I visited in January.
To tell the truth, I visited Komoro In January in order to take photos of Komoro castle.

When I wrote the articles, it contains few photos because I take few photos when I visited Komoro first.
Last time article has many photos because I took photos in January for the sake of uploading the blog.
This time, I wrote about a Soba Restaurant, which I visited in that time.



○ Speaking of “Komoro”

Now let’s start it!
What they associate Komoro with?
As I mentioned in the past article, maybe it is Komoro “castle” or Komoro “soba”.

The managers lived in Tokyo for almost 14 years since I began living in Tokyo, but I lived in east part of Tokyo, such as Bunkyo city or Taito city, except two years in Suginami city, the western part of Tokyo.
My rent was so expensive and my income was so small that my life was serious ^^;

On the east side of Tokyo, there were many shops called “Komoro Soba”, and when the manager was in Bunkyo city, it was close to where I lived, so I often visited it.
It served a Soba at as much as 290 yen.
It is as cheap as that of school meals, and tasty and many.
Therefore, manager associates Komoro with Soba.

In fact, Komoro is famous for its soba, and there are various shops in the city.
If you search at Google in “Komoro Soba”, the site called “Shinshu Komoro Soba Promotion Organization” will hit.

So when I visited Komoro again the day before yesterday, I want to eat delicious soba.
At that time, suddenly, I remembered the Soba Restaurant in Komoro I heard from my mother before.

The Soba Restaurant has a heliport and has a customer riding in the helicopter from Tokyo.
Well, long ago, I thought that there was something similar to that at “Ohran High School Host Club(a Japanese comic)”, but I guess that such a person don’t really exist.
To confirm, I decided to go to that restaurant.


○Go to the Soba restaurant with Helipad

First of all I checked the location at Google.
If you enter “Komoro Heli”, search results will come out without entering.

The name of the shop is “Shoubu-An“, iris girl.
When entering “Shoubu-An” in car navigation, it was registered properly although my favorite car Estima was bought around 2000.
It is a surprise that the navigation bought in 15 years ago has the information!
Once setting the destination, let’s driving!

I use Joshinetsu highway so many time with Ueda visit that the position of Orvis is also in my head.
I will head to Komoro by safety driving in that direction.

Navi instructs to go down at Saku Inter, so descend at Saku Inter, go through Saku city and take prefectural road 141 toward Komoro.
As we go forward, the number of buildings will become sparser, eventually a gentle mountain runs forward, and under the road will become the Chikuma river.

If possible, I would like you to see the street view of the Google Map.
In the meantime we will see the sign “Komoro Ohashi”, ahead of that you can see a big bridge.


The view from this bridge is wonderful!
The Chikuma River flows deep in the northern part between cliffs, to the end of Komoro city, and further to the far ahead, you can see the sharp mountains.

As for the south, the Chikuma river flows slowly still deeper between the cliffs.


Crossing over this long bridge and passing the road, you can see the signboard of Shoubu-an, the destination on right.



○Helipad of Soba restaurant

The appearance


Stopping the car in front of the shop, first enter the shop… before it, heading to the heliport.
It is behind the scene from the position of this picture.
Since the right side of the shop is on the way, I will walk there. Then,


I do not know it because it is white!
It can not be helped because snow is piled up, but it seems that this is a helipad.

Seeing a picture taken from another angle.


Actually, I will visit Shoubu-an at a later date, so I post a picture I took at that time.


There are no induction lights and white lines, but it seems that it will be affordable with helicopters indeed.
Not only in manga, but also in the real world, there are people who come to eat soba in a helicopter!
I, inappropriate salaried workers, am surprised!!

By the way, this tip of the heliport has become a cliff seen from Komoro Bridge, from which you can enjoy such a scenery.


The river that flows is the Chikuma river, and the town on the top of the cliff beyond that is Komoro City, and the mountain on the far right of Mountains is Mt. Asama.

Looking at this picture, I feel that there is Komoro City on the mountain hem which extends from Mt. Asama to the Chikuma River.
By the way, this scenery can also be enjoyed from the window seats inside the shop.


○Soba of Shoubuan

Fully enjoying the scenery, going inside the shop and I’ll order Soba.
I am excited and watching the menu because Soba of this shop is one that someone come to eat riding in a helicopter.

And then,


This “Oshibori Soba” seems to be a specialty (“Oshibori” is usually towel, but I have no idea that “Oshibori” on the menu is as same as one meaning “towel”).
I immediately ordered this “Oshibori Soba” and “Tenpura Moriawase”, which is the dish that some kind of Tenpura is served. After a while, tempura had come first.


Next, “Oshibori Soba”


Speaking in words, there is a white Soba on steam basket, and there is a bowl with a white soup listed in the menu just as it is.
This seems to be a juice of hot radish.

Besides this, a flat dish with miso and leeks on it, and a soup for drinking the water used for boiling come with it.
First of all I ate it in black soup.
That taste is … very Good! It is cold, going through throat comfortably, this is Soba!

Continue to eat with white soup … It stings the nose! It pierces the nose and the radish pierces.
As it was a truly feeling that I could not keep eating this, I added it little by little with miso.
The sweetness of miso and the sting of the squeezed juice of the radish are bare, making it an exquisite taste.

Because I am a common people, I do not think I would like to come to eat with coming riding a helicopter at all, but when I came to Komoro I definitely would like to stop by and find it to be a mistake-free taste.

As someone going to eat with a helicopter, I thought that Mrs. Ichiyou, 5,000yen, would be necessary for one person, but it’s commonly 1,030 yen as usual.


And, do not forget, sake check. I will check whether it serves sake. Then,



○Sake of Shoubuan

There was ☆

Moreover, Jizake! Jizake is sake made in each region.
This shop is located near Saku city, and that is why the shop serves “Miso no Take” “Bokusui“, which is liquor of Takeshige Honke Sake brewery located in Saku city.

It is such a wonderful choice to serve local sake brands.
If I had come by helicopter, I would have choose from this menu with Junmai-Ginjyo or Nama-zake,


Soba-Yaki-Miso, Grilled Soba with miso, is used as a knob, after soba comes, eat quickly and does not stay long, if you do it, it will be “chic”.

But, as the administrator is not “chic”, as knob, I would choose Udo Shouyu-zuke, stroke pickled with soy source, and Kinoko-Oroshi, grated radish with mushroom, as eat vegetable first, and then, one more sake with smoke duck and grilled Iwana, and at last eat Soba.
Of course, as this day is coming by car, I don’t drink sake ^ ^; Sorry.

Finally, we will pour water used for boiling soba to soup and drink it.
I saw the shop that will dew for soba, first time. It is a nice shop.

Satisfied, going to pay with my account slip, when looking at the slip, it is written as “Oshibori“, wet towel.
for a moment, did I buy a hand-wipe towel for a moment? I thought (^ ^)

Shoubu-An, it was a nice shop. Soba is delicious, Jizake is served, there are also interesting things called heliport, and if you come to Komoro, you are sure to drop in.

I immediately registered the information of the shop with the spec of the sake in the database, so please check it.
Although it is in the database, this shop is open only during the day, so when you visit, please be careful about opening hours.

Well then, I would like to end this time.
Next time I would like to write about the city of Komoro.


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