Ueda city, Nagano

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Well, the first one is Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture. I visited there first on October 23rd.

The reason that I pick up Ueda city as the first article of this blog is that I thought I wanted to do it before “Sanada Maru”, the drama of NHK, will end.

Ueda City, you know, is the place of Mr. Sanada. The admin is a history lover, especially like the warring country era of Japan, the end of the Bakumatsu, and the 15 years war of the Showa, I read various books and Wikipedia repeatedly.

About the war of Osaka, as I looked around variously, I learned that Katsunaga Mohri was a lot better than Yukimura Sanada, and since then I have an appearance that I know myself, history, I appreciate Mushi Katsunaga the best general of the war. But, after all, even though I overwhelmed the Yukimura’s army with a red facility which chased Ieyasu Tokugawa until he was prepared for self-harm, but Yukimura did not enemy a lot and finally was scooped out at the end. I love such Yukimura, too.

If I write about the war, it will be long and it will probably take a long time to return to the original purpose (to investigate a shop where you can drink Sake), so I will keep this around. Anyway, that’s why I thought I would like to go Ueda once, in which Yukimura was born and grew, and I went there.

I went by car, and I went down on the Joshinetsu way to Ueda Sugadaira inter, and once I got out on Route 18. Go to Matsumoto / Nagano area for a while and turn left at “Ueda Castle Ruins Park entrance” intersection. After a while you will see Ueda Castle on your right. Although I say “Ueda castle is visible”, I can not see the castle tower that you think of as casually. In the beginning, castle tower is not left in Ueda castle. What you can see is the soil wall, the squirrel over it, the trees planted around them.

Going further, you can see the bridge over the sky-hole called “Ninomaru Bridge”.

In the Azuchi-Momoyama period and the Edo era, the area before this bridge is “San-no-maru”, and further to the east, there used to be “O-te-mon”, the main gate of the castle, which is basically the most defensive in the castle. Now there is no major gate and the site is a park.

So, across this “Ninomaru Bridge”, I finally want to say to Ninomaru and Honmaru of Ueda Castle … but the administrator who came by car was looking for a parking lot. Because of lack of determination, I was not in the parking lot in the way. There was a sign, and I turned to the left at the intersection in front of this “Ninomaru Bridge” and looked for a parking lot.

After a while, I found a parking lot on the right side, but I, a weak little person, can not stop entering the car coming from behind, turn right. If you continue straight ahead, there is a guide “Ueda station when turning to the right”, so turn right on Route 141. Here, the shops are lining side by side, it feels like Ueda city’s main street. School girls in uniform are also walking.

And Ueda station will be visible after a while. There are only stations where the Shinkansen stops, it is beautiful and splendid.

The building around this station is also beautiful and big. Did it be made new at the opening of the Shinkansen? While admiring awesome Shinkansen, turn right at the intersection in front of the station to find the parking lot near Ueda castle. Then you can see the beautiful building of Route Inn, which is thought to have been built recently, on the right hand.

After turning to the right at the intersection just before that and proceeding along the street a little narrower, I came back to the front of the “Ninomaru Bridge”. Going past here for a while, there is a parking lot on my left. Of course I could see it when I came, but unfortunately, because I was forbidden to enter the right turn I was slewing. This parking lot was one adjacent to Ueda Castle Ruins Park. It was relatively spacious and easy to stop.

Finally stop the car and visit Ueda castle.

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