Trip to Komoro ― to the Old Main Street 3 ―

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Last time, the article ended with the viewing area of “Hokkoku Kaidou Honmachi Machiya Kan” in Honmachi, where I saw Ueda city and Mt. Asama .
This time, I would like to introduce the sake brewery in Honmachi.

When coming out of the viewing stand and looking at a little to the left forward,


There is a signboard in the center, upper, and somewhat right of the picture, and it is called “Otsuka main store”.

Looking at the glass show window on the left side of the building,


This is actually the head office of Otsuka Shuzo which is making the brand “Asama-dake”.

It seems to be a day off on Sunday, but when you look at the Street View on Google Map, you can see that the sliding doors that are closed in this picture are open and that they are on business.

Since this is “the head office” on the photo, it seems to be the shop selling alcohol.

The photo on the top of Otsuka Brewery ‘s Web site, shows “Sugitama”, a cedar ball, beside the gate, and the appearance is different.

So, where did sake is made?

I explored the surroundings.

Because “It is a sake brewery on the back street of the back of the main building”, I detour around and go around to the back. Then,


Beside the gate, it is hard to see, but there is Sugitama.

You can see warehouses on both side of the gate. As I approached the gate,


It is there☆ This is Otsuka Brewery!

In the photograph of Web site, the gate is opened, but today it is closed on Sunday and the gate is closed.

Otsuka Brewery, sake brewery with a history of over 160 years, the gate arrangement is fine, and more surprising is the size of the building and site area.

When photographing from the boundary on the right side of this gate,


The wall is continuing to the vicinity of the telephone pole.

Where the pole is located it is a parking lot, and


There is a big storehouse.

Furthermore, looking to the right from this position,


Even if I looked at the Google map, I could not confirm what it was, but I guess it is building of Otsuka Shuzo.

Because it was called “Otsuka Brewery” on the building of “Muga-Muchuu” at the entrance of Honmachi, it may have been the landlord of this neighborhood before starting the brewing.

Added to this, “Asama-dake” by Otsuka Sake brewer is served in “Hitsuke-Touzoku” introduced before, but we can drink it in Tokyo as well. It is a shop located in Shinjuku West Exit, “Shinjuku Kominka Jyuttoku”.

The store behind the Yodobashi camera in the west of Shinjuku station is a shop where you entered the pathway.

As the name suggests, it is a shop of an old private house, and you can drink various brands of sake.

The food is tasty, and the prices are inexpensive.

If you have time to go to Shinjuku, please try it. …

However, since sake brands may be replaced, if you do not have “Asama Fuga” when you visit, please forgive me at that time.


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