Missed to try “Seitoku” at “Toride no Yu” in Matsuida Machi


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Today I introduce you a spa, “Toride no Yu” in Matsuida Machi.


About “Toride no Yu”

This spa locates near Prefectural Route 33 between Matsuida town and Kurabuchi village
This is a spa which I like the best.

There are some reasons why I love this spa;


1. There are not many visitors.

“Toride no Yu” is in the middle of a mountain, and even local people don’t go there often because it’s a deep place.
Therefore, there are not many people even on Saturday, Sunday, and national holiday.
The busiest time I’ve seen so far was visitors of about 15 people.
I can spend my time freely without rushing, and caring about other people.


2. The water temperature of Roten Buro is perfect.

They have outdoor spa (Roten Buro), and the temperature of its water is tepid which is so comfortable to stay in that I can/want to be in the water for hours. Winter is even better. It’s just perfect in cold air and I can stay there forever.


3. View from Roten Buro

This spa is in the middle of a forest on a mountain, so the view from the outdoor spa is all green of cedar trees which has a big healing effect.


4. Water which is good for skin

Ladies around me often says that I have beautiful skin.
One of the reasons is that I do the daily care, and another reason is, which I realized now, this spa. I came to this spa on the day before I wrote this blog, and I found a sign at this spa saying that their “Yu no Hana” (“flower of hot spring”, components in the water which came out as solid body) makes skin smooth and beautiful. Indeed, my skin became beautiful after taking the spa.

Well, these are the reasons why I love this spa.
By the way, there is a small river near this spa.

At the outdoor spa, you can hear the stream and seasonal insects’ singing.
I wish I could take more photos of it to show how this place is nice, but of course, it wasn’t allowed to. Please check the website of “Toride no Yu” for the details.
Please keep this beautiful place our secret, otherwise the first reason why I love it will disappear^^;


Lunch at the rest place

The day I visited this spa was the next day of mountain shrines and Korean BBQ. I was tired from it, so I came to this spa to heal my body.
I took spa for 1 and a half hours (I usually take bath for 2 to 3 hours), and after that, I went to the rest place in the building to have lunch.
This is the rest place.

The room was big, but there were not many people so I could lay down anywhere.
How to order is to buy meal tickets. They had ramen noodles, curry, Kara-age (Japanese deep fried chicken) set, grilled fish set, fried oysters set, and so on.

There were other menus on the boards on the wall which were not in the meal tickets such as sashimi, and some other snacks for alcoholic drinks.
There used to be grilled ayu (sweetfish) and other grilled dishes of river fish, but sadly they stopped them few years ago.
What I ordered is,

Kara-age Set,

And a sake called “Seitoku Tokubetsu Honjozo”.

I came to the spa by car, so I didn’t drink the sake at that time.
I found this sake on the menu, and I thought that I couldn’t miss it as I run a website like this. So, I asked the staff for takeaway.
I just had Kara-age meal on that day.


Kara-age and “Seitoku Tokubetsu Honjozo”

I tried the Kara-age first.

The coating was thin. It was a type of Kara-age which the coating was only sprinkled on the chicken.
The taste was based on soy sauce with a slight ginger flavor, and it was nice.
There was a small plate of pickles, too.

It was cucumber pickles. It tasted similar to that which my mother often prepares at home.
My mother was born in the near place of this spa, so the pickles might be the local dish.
I ate up the rice trying not to remember about the sake.


By the way, I took the sake back to Tokyo, and tasted it after chilling.

It was a light and dry sake, but there was a sweetness like a fruit deep inside.
The aftertaste was clear and sharp, and it was a sake which I could drink more and more.
It had clear texture, so I thought that it was good with foods, especially deep fried dishes, to refresh the mouth.
It must be great after a bath, so it was pity that I couldn’t do it at “Toride no Yu”.

“Toride no Yu” is a beautiful “secret spring”, and it’s where you should visit when you have chance to come to Matsuida town.
…… But, remember. Please keep it “secret” to maintain its calm atmosphere. ^^;


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