Trip to Komoro city, Nagano – Visit “Kaiko-en”

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This time, it is an article of Komoro Castle.


In the case of Ueda City, a story about walking in Ueda Castle continued indefinitely, but when thinking carefully, this site, not a travel site but a site of sake and shop search.

Traveling, Japanese sake, castle, etc. are not separable from each other and this blog is declaring that “I will write about the momentary transition to the mind, I will write there”, so if I want to write a lot about trip, it is not bad to write a lot.
After all, I am thinking that moderation is the best, and this time I would like to write an article about Komoro Castle to be shorter than last time.

Actually, I went to Komoro again on January 29 yesterday.

When I look back at the pictures to put on the article, I have not got any pictures at all.
For the first time, because there is no picture and I can not afford it, so I went to Komoro.

As it is around the end of January, it seems strange with snow and autumn leaves, but I am pleased if you can pardon it.
As expected, I can not wait a year …


Now, I tell the truth that the articles include pictures of snow and autumn leaves and let’s start to talk write about Komoro!

Leaving the Joshinetsu Expressway and following the information signs to the Kaiko-en (in English “nostalgic garden”), Komoro castle ruins.

Downhill continues towards Komoro city area.

Eventually the Shinano Railway Line will be visible, go below it and toward the east while watching the railway on your left.

Then you can see the sign of the Kaiko-en lot.

Turn right here, there is a large pay parking lot so stop the car there. Come now, Komoro Castle.

Leave my car and walk…… Why!?

SL Diesel train has been settled (Taking it is on January 29).

This SL used to be active in the former JNR Koumi Line and now he is here because of lending to Komoro city after retirement.

Passing in front of this SL, you can see the entrance to the Kaiko-en on your right, and “San-no-mon”, the third gate, on your left.

This gate is used as Introduction picture of the Kaiko-en.

As you can see from this picture, the forehead saying “Kaiko-en” is decorated on the gate, so this gate will be used as introduction picture often.

As a castle-loving administrator, after all, wanted to enter from “O-te-mon”, the major gate, and approach Honmaru, I was bit sorry.

There is a major gate in Komoro Castle, but there is a major gate beyond Komoro station in front of the “San-no-mon”.

Therefore, I turned to the “O-te-mon”.

In front of the “San-no-mon”, there is a underpass and you can walk to the other side of the railroad track.

Well then, I will approach the castle from the “O-te-mon”.

This is it.

The current Komoro Castle was built by Hidehisa Sengoku, but it seems to be holding the appearance at the time of him and this is designated as an important cultural asset of the country.

Certainly, I can feel the aura of that time.

Go through this gate and proceed to the right, you will see the Komoro station and the park. Like this.

It was white as I took it in January, but when I visited in November I saw the lawn being spread all over.

On the left side of the photo is the Komoro station, the building with white trapezoid wearing snow which is visible slightly to the right from the center is the “San-no-mon”.

I think that you can understand by looking at this picture, but Komoro Castle is lower than here around.

Usually, the castle is built at higher place than the surroundings to make it easier to protect, but Komoro Castle is at a low place.

So there are aliases such as Ana-jiro or Nabe-buta castle.

However, as Komoro Castle will tell you later, it was built using the valleys on the cliff walls along the Chikuma River well, and the defensive force had been high, as they can concentrate on troops at battle front.

It is only hypothesis because no battle has occurredhere unlike Ueda castle, .

Also … It is a picture above that makes me think that there is another way to set railroad.

As ordinary people do not put such pictures, it is this blog that such pictures was puts on, so forgive me.

Well, proceed to the left hand of this picture, then, I will arrive at the underpass that leads to the Kaiko-en, which I mentioned earlier.

Getting through this, you go out to the San-no-mon”.

In the middle of the road leading from the “San-no-mon” to the “San-no-maru” and Ni-no-maru”, the toll gate will stand still, not the gate (lol)

So much for this time, and next time start with Ni-no-maru and Hon-maru.

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