Trip to Komoro city, Nagano – Investigation of Nihonshu serving restaurant

Thank you for reading this blog.

In the last blog the article of Ueda City ended for the moment.
From this time I would like to write articles about Komoro city, at the neighboring town of Ueda City, and write articles covering Japanese sake shops.

Since the title of the blog regarding Ueda city was not so interesting, I tried changing a little bit this time, how is it? ^^;


By the way, I visited Komoro city on November 20, 2016.
Why did I choose Komoro?

The administrator is going back to parents home in Gunma on Saturday at a pace every other week for various reasons and returning to Tokyo on Sunday night.

On weekdays I was an only salaried worker.

People of the company( of course they are in the same position (= non-managers) as me) are sympathized with me because of doing a lot of work at late night.

I sleep till Saturday afternoon, arrive at my parents house around the evening after being shaken by a regular train, eat while drinking with my family.

On Sunday I will get up around noon.

For economic reasons, I can not have a car in Tokyo and since my parents have a car, when I return, on Sunday I am searching for the data of the shops that can drink sake for this site and blog.

So, I decide to go out to the city where I can go within 1 hour from my parents’ house and Komoro city applies to that standard.

It is the reason.

Besides, Komoro is famous for Komoro soba.

Because there are also Komoro Castle = Kaiko-en (in English, “old-fashioned garden” or “past-nostalgic garden”), I thought that there will be many shops where sake is served.

Afterwards, as I visited Ueda City, I also thought that I should go near that.


Komoro City is before Ueda I,C and next to the Saku I.C, going on the Joshinetsu Expressway from Tokyo direction.
If you go on an ordinary road instead of a highway, it will be the next town next to Karuizawa.

In the northeast of Komoro City Mt. Asama is.
On the map, it seems that Komoro city is on the southern part of Mt. Asama.

The Chikuma river flows from the south of the city to the west and, though I do not know whether it is the correct way to say, Komoro city is on the slope going down from Mt. Asama towards the Chikuma river.
Going near the Chikuma River, it has become a steep cliff.

Because it is a city like that, I feel that the view of Komoro city is unique when watching from the expressway or going to the city from the I.C.
I want to post a photograph showing the inclination, but unfortunately it is dangerous to take pictures while driving a car, so I can not put it.

If you are interested, please access the street view of the Google Map and look on the right side along the national highway No. 79 from the intersection of “Komoro I.C. east” near the Komoro I.C.

Somehow, I think that you can grasp the feeling.

Although the introduction became long, the first goal of this trip is Komoro Castle, the second goal is the city of Komoro.
Komoro Castle is now a park as “past-nostalgic garden”, but in reality, it is famous for autumn leaves.

The end of November, when the manager visited, is the trail of autumn leaves.
From this time, I would like to talk about Komoro Castle and the city of Komoro along with such beautiful autumn leaves photos.

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