Uraichi’s Beef Tongue Lunch is Numberrrrrrr ONEeeeeeee!


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Today I introduce a restaurant “Uraichi” which is in front of the east entrance of Urawa Station.

The last blog was about “Tsuki Jinja”. This is where I visited for lunch after visiting “Tsuki Jinja”.
The inside of the restaurant was booth seats with partitions, and it made me comfortable because I didn’t have to be bothered by other customers while eating.
The seat I was guided to was like this below.

I though that it was a space under stairs. There were only 2 seats, not too wide or not too small, just right space.
I personally feel comfortable in such narrow spaces… such as attics like cats^^;

Now, let’s see the menu.

“Takashimizu” and “Hakkaisan”……These sake are usually liked by many people and can’t be a big mistake, and I think these are good to place in menu for restaurants which don’t put emphasis on Sake. “Uraichi” didn’t miss it.


In the menu, while beef tongue dishes such as grilled beef tongue and BBQ were the main, they also had various healthy vegetable menus and standard dishes as well, so the customers feel like visiting many times without getting tired of only beef tongue.
If there was a restaurant like this near my home, I would eat out more.

There were so many kinds that it was hard to choose one. In such situation, it’s usually good to take “No.1” popular menu or something which symbolize the restaurant. In this case, I ordered “beef tongue set”.
After a while, it arrived.

Big pieces of beef tongue are making exciting noise being cooked.
I noticed that there’s no vegetable, but I didn’t care about it after all in front of such beautiful beef. Let’s try it!

(  ̄▽ ̄)

When I eat beef tongue, my face becomes like this. I can’t help doing faraway look like this face because it’s so good.
Another good thing about this restaurant is,

This seasoning set on the table.
It’s a very useful idea for us that we can use salt and lemon as we like.
My favorite way to enjoy beef tongue is to have salt on the beef more than little and eat it with rice even though I know that it’s not really good for health.
If there is non-sweet alcohol drink like beer or lime sour, it will be even better. (Somehow my friends say it’s strange, but I don’t care because it’s my personal taste^^;)

The next is beef tongue stew.

Chunky beef tongue and soft vegetables in the stew.
It tasted well of sweetness and flavor of vegetables.

Because I had a box seat by myself, I enjoyed the world of good beef tongue without being bothered by others.
I wished I could have visited this restaurant more often on the way home from my work and have dinner with a glass of beer or sake. Their service was very nice to the visitors, and I thought “Uraichi’s Beef Tongue Lunch is Numberrrrrrr ONE!”.
I hope they will come near my home in the future.


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