Ueda city, Nagano ⑭ ― In Kon-ya-machi, ―

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This time is last articles for Ueda city.

Articles of Ueda city unexpectedly become long, but it is over this time.

…it was really long ^^;


Last time, I had reached a bridge in the northern end of Yanagi-machi.

This time , I go to Route 18 over the bridge and to the west there.

Crossing the bridge that appears in the last picture posted at the last time, you could see the shrine in the front.

This is “Ueda Dai Jinguu”, shrine, as written in the flag.

The main god is, same as Ise Shrine, “Amaterasu O-Mi-Kami”, God of the Sun.

This is the main hall.


Approaching, you can see barrel placed beside the donation box, and they are “Okazaki Sake Brewery’s sake “Kirei”.


This shrine was built in 1886 (Meiji 19), and it was one of the shrines built in the whole country in the Meiji Era to promote Shinto.


There is “Tokyo Dai-Jinguu”, which is famous as a power spot of love in Tokyo, but Ueda Dai-Jinguu seems to be a shrine built with the same meaning although it is somewhat different. Names are similar, too.

Why was not Nagano City?

As you have the question, probably Ueda city is near the center of Nagano prefecture and Kokubunji, temple, was placed in the era of Ritsuryou-sei, as it was thought that it was the center of Shinano = Nagano prefecture I guess.

Kokubunji is a national temple built nationwide by the order of the Emperor Shomu, and it is thought that they were built in the capital in the prefecture.

Addition, even now, Kokubunji is in Ueda City, but it is another temple built after the Heian period.

This iron kiln was placed next to the hall of worshipers.


Is it for saving rain water?

Well, I finished the bow and then I walked to the west on Route 18.

Then I saw a shop with a big sign.


This is “Rairai-tei”. It is a ramen shop.

Since I do not see it in Tokyo, I did not know, but when I look it up, this shop originated in Shiga prefecture and seems to be open all over the country, south to Kagoshima, Shikoku, North to Ibaraki prefecture.

I visited it in December.

This is Ramen and Gyoza ordered at that time.


This is “small” Ramen.

Because I visited around 3 pm, I ordered small one considering the balance with dinner, but it was a feeling that it was ordinal one.

I wonder how big “big Ramen” is ^^;

This Ramen is Kyoto style soy sauce taste, and the backflip is floating in the soup, but it is not persistent and it is delicious.

Although in this shop you can drink sake, it is still a Ramen shop, so there are not various sake.

Well, a river flows behind Rairai-tei, and behind that river you can see a collection of white walls.


When crossing the bridge and going out to this storehouse,


This is “Wada Ryu Shuzo”, brewery. Like its name, “Wada Ryu”, “Ueda Shishi” and “Sanada Taihei-ki” is brewed.

Like the photo, the exterior facing the street is a large ordinary house, but there is a brewery on the other side.

It seemed like a day off on January 3 this day.

On January 22, 2017, which writes this blog, sake of Wada Ryu Shuzo is not listed in the database, but since I think that it will meet when I will look at them in some shops. I am looking forward to that time and I would like to maintain the database.

As I walk all the way to the east on this road in front of Wada Ryu Shuzo, said “Hokkoku Kaidou”, I go out in front of a shop, Hishi-ya and O-nishi.

When actually visiting, after this, I went to the south toward Ueda Castle, without going east, to the Sanada shrine again, and to the tourist hall in front of Ueda castle entrance.
I photographed Sanada Yukimura statue there and went home after returning once to Yanagi-machi.

That is the story when I visited Ueda City.

With this, the article when I traveled to Ueda City is over for now.

Following the boom of “Sanada-maru”, I tried to write a blog and I visited with a super light feeling.

Since I studied variously to write articles and pictures were necessary, I visited Ueda City 4 times.

More I visited it, more place I wanted to see and know, it is a very attractive city.

In fact there were various places I wanted to write more.

As I mentioned them in this article, Kokubunji, Togakushi, the village of the ninja and famous in soba, Shinshu-Meijou with diverse sake brands, etc.
They are away from the center of Ueda city, and unfortunately, due to time concerns I could not go there.

Also, even in center of Ueda city, I was unable to enter the shops where I was concerned, due to the time, or personal circumstances etc.

Especially, I was very attracted to this shop, but when I visited, it was January 3, holiday, so I could not enter in it.



From the HP, like a name, it is a restaurant for carp dishes, but there are also other items such as Ayu, Ayu Ramen, Tsukeba-don (bowl of rice with fried Ugui (Haya), fish).

The fish has a unique red color and there seems to be a theory that the color of “Red armor” of Sanada Yukimura is originated form the fish, and it is written on the web site that Yukimura was eating the fish in Ueda long ago.), Etc.

It seems that sake is served, but I do not know what sake I can drink. By all means, I’d like to visit and investigate it in future.

There is such a charm full of Ueda City, and I would like to report here when I visit it again.

Well then, at the end of Ueda’s articles, I would like to conclude with a photograph of the image of Sanada Yukimura, which stands at the Ueda city sightseeing hall.


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