Ueda city, Nagano ⑧ ― Restaurant report for Nihonshu in Ueda ―

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In the last article, I finished with talking about Takaichi Shrine located on “Un-no-machi” in Ueda.

This time I will also tell you about Un-no-machi and I would like to mention how this site is made.

In front of Takaichi Shrine, a relatively broad road runs.
On the sidewalks on both sides, these lanterns stand.

Getting closer to another lantern, the picture of the warrior and the poems, historical facts, etc. related to the warrior.

These lanterns, standing at a certain interval from the signal of this wider street to the signal, the historical events of three generations of Sanada families, (Yukitaka, Masayuki, Yukimura) and the persons who are related to them are represented.
There are also incoming warlords that seems to be less relevant, such as Yoshimoto Imagawa etc.

Looking from Takaichi Shrine, there is a small street on the opposite side of the street where such lanterns line up.
After going down the street for a while, there is Ueda Daiichi Hotel on your right, and as you go further you will find a shop on your left.
That’s the shop here, “Ueda Yakitori Mikazuki”.

I will put this restaurant in the database, and I will show you how to convert the data taking this as an example (I am not something great at all, though I seems to be doing so).

You see the above picture carefully, and I think that you can see that a signboard stands out in front of the restaurant. This is the menu.

The administrator walks around the city and checks whether these menus are displayed in front of restaurants.
When the menu is, casually approaching, and check whether the information on the drink is listed, and more than anything, check if it is a restaurant that we can drink Nihonshu, sake.
Information on drinks is not listed frequently. For sakeas well, it is often that only sake, such as “sake”, “chilled sake” or “sake is served!”. This restaurant …

listed sake line-up!

And then I take a picture of this menu with a smartphone.

I get home, and I first go check the name, address etc of the resutaurant.
When opening hours, telephone numbers, etc. are written in the menu, I put the information described in the menu into the database.

After entering the information in the database, next, I register what sake can be drunk in that restaurant.
For sake that is not in the database, go to the sake brewer ‘s HP etc and collect the information and enter it in the database.
This database is made with Excel.
Converting it to csv and uploading it to the server of this site, the information is reflected.

This site is made in an this analog way.

I think that it is possible to gather and publish information in a more efficient way, but to do that, since the funds and skills are insufficient for administrators, we can only update it in this way. Therefore, the number of data is still small.

Someday, once funds are gathered and technology is accumulated, we can collect information more efficiently, make it a more interesting site and provide more fun to those who use this site.
So, I definitely hope that you can continue to use this site ☆

This time, I make it to the end here.


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