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Sanada Maru celebrated the last round today (although it was yesterday when I wrote this blog) but this blog will continue Ueda city article in connection with the Sanada family, a while.

Last time I entered Ninomaru of Ueda castle from the west and ended where I went to the entrance to Honmaru.
So today is the article of Honmaru.

If you pass through the stone wall in the photo which was posted last time, you enter into Honmaru.
When you enter Honmaru, you will soon notice it to the right,

ueda castle_sanada shrine

It is Sanada Shrine.

Of course, in this shrine, God is Masayuki Sanada, Yukimura Sanada, and the lord of the Ueda castle.

Originally the shrine was built to celebrate the lords of the Ueda castle until the Meiji restoration, whose family name is “Matsudaira”, in the Meiji era and it was called “Matsudaira shrine” in the beginning.

After the World War 2, people of Ueda city hope to worship Masayuki Sanada, Yukimura Sanada and lords of Sengoku family.
Masayuki and Yukimura built a cornerstone of Ueda City and made Ueda city known throughout Japan through the intelligence.
Lords of Sengoku family revived Ueda city, which was destroyed after the battle of Sekigahara, and worked for Ueda’s development.

So the people decided to worship all lords of the Ueda castle in the shrine in 1953, and the name was also changed to “Ueda Shrine”.
However, it seems that a shrine of the same name was once in the city, so the shrine was renamed to “Sanada Shrine” in 1963 with the name of Sanadas, the first lord. (These are based on HP of Sanada Shrine.)

By the way, to the left,

ueda castle_honmaru

Here is plaza.

It may be that there used to be a government agency building, but now like a park.
In Edo castle (Emperor’s Palace), Honmaru has become a vast grass space.

Going on this space all the way to the left, you will see a clay wall.
In the four corners of space surrounded by the wall, there used to be a turret, but the corner tower in the north has no traces now. It is like this.

Beyond the moat there is a parking lot, and the city area is spreading.

Following this dirty field and going to the south, you can see the tower and Yaruramon.

From the east of the castle, you will cross the “Ninomaru Bridge” and encounter this gate to enter Honmaru when heading to the castle.
Most people will enter Ninomaru from the “Ninomaru Bridge” and will come into Honmaru through this gates.
The administrator, not particularly conscious, seems to have a habit of doing things different from people, and I traced the way that people who don’t visit for the first time to enter Honmaru.

Aside from that, when looking at the right towards this gate,

You will see the torii of “Sanada Shrine”. Looking at the right side,

“Yes, sir” said in my heart, and I ended “Pokemon Go” and go through the torii. Then,

This is Yukimura’s helmet “Shika-Tsuno Wakidate Shunuri Kabuto”, “Red helmet with deer’s horn”
It is well known as Yukimura’s helmet. It’s so cool!

This is house for worship.

As you go along to the left side of this house, there is a western corner tower, which you looked up when entering Ninomaru.
On the way to there,

This is “Sanada well” and they say it is loophole.

Go further, the corner tower is visible.

Go up this staircase, you are able to see the south side of Ueda City.

The picture on the left is picuture of the cliff of “Amagafuchi”, which I had looked up, that I looked down.
The picture on the right is the entrance from Honmaru to Ninomaru.

When I come to the castle, it would be interesting to do something like a siege game.
Well, if I should do it in a real castle, I wouldn’t do it because the stone walls and buildings would be broken, but I wish I could built a theme park where such a siege battle can be done.
Someday, I start thinking that if I start up and succeed, I want to make such a thing.
It seems that children also like history through play.

Well, although I also think that I would like to enter the turret, I have to go back to Tokyo at work the next day and I will get off the stairs with a desire to do so.

Next aim is to be the gate ahead of this picture.


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