Trip to Komoro ― to the Old Main Street―

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Last time, I wrote about “Shoubu-An”, which has Heli port, serves delicious Soba, Sake and knobs.

It’s a very great shop!

This time, I will write about city of Komoro.


I drove to city of Komoro.

Stopping car in the car pool near the Kaiko-en and I walk to city of Komoro.

Through below rail way and walking along Route 40, we can encounter this great building.


It seems that this is “Oh-i-Iga-no-kami Kyojou Nabebuta-jou-ato”, in English, Nabebuta Castle ruin, which was built and
owned by Oh-i Iga-no-kami.

when I looked it up on the net, there was information on this castle on the site “Joukaku Hourouki”.

It seems to be a castle built in this place by Mr. Oh-i in 1486.

In 1486, it seems that it was not like this picture, as it is before Sou-un Houjyo, who was famous general in Sengoku era, conquers Izu.

According to the explanatory text that was near, in the Edo period, here is a mansion of the house whose owner is “Joudai Karou”, next to Lord of Komoro district and ruling the district instead of the Lord when the Lord is absent.

If it was that, maybe it was such a feeling.


Well, when I went to Akou Castle, which is in Hyougo prefecture and famous for “Chuushin-gura” in Kabuki, drama and so on, I saw that it is a mansion of Oh-ishi Kura-no-suke, who is nest to the Lord of the district, but since the mansion was quite large with a garden, the residence of Joudai-Karou in Komoro also might be bigger.

Here, it seems like an ordinary private house now.

As I walk further along the road, I encountered the intersection where “Honcho” is written. At this intersection,


At this intersection there is a building with letters of “sake” and “Otsuka brewery” on the old signboard.

Below that, there is “Buta Kihon”, in English “pig basics”.

This is a Ramen shop, “Men-zoku Muga-Muchuu”, in English “Men-Robbery Be Absorbed”.

I am slightly surprised by the kanji “Zoku”, in English “Robbery”, but it seems to be a ramen shop that sticks to pork.

When I turn to the side of this shop,


This picture was taken when I went to November, but the names of sake, “Masumi”, “Chikuma Nishiki”, “Laurel’s crown”, “Swordsman” were listed side by side.

Perhaps, here was a liquor store, and maybe a Ramen shop used the exterior as it is.

I thought about going inside to see if I could drink sake or what kind of brands it was in.
As a manager, I used to had eaten 500 g pasta with dried noodles, but now I was abandoned because I was eating the soba noodle at Shoubu-An and I was too old to eat such many.

Indeed, after eating soba, the greasy Ramen is very hard for me to eat ^^;

… I am glad if you can provide brand information on sake of this shop with me ^^

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