Ueda city, Nagano ⑬ ― In Yanagi-machi, to the end ―

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Last time I finished with only the story of “Kura-ya” ^^;
This time is for Yanagi-machi. Perhaps, I think that the articles of Yanagi-machi will end with this time.

We start from the front of “Oh-nishi”.

The north side of the soba restaurant is a trail and there,

It is a well.
This is called “Life Water”. Looking at the side inscription,

There is a guide board.

According to the guide board:
The water of this well is called “Homei-sui”, preservation water, and in 1881 people in Yanagi-machi connected the well which springs up in the precincts of Kaizen-ji, temple, with this well through wooden pipes.

Furthermore, they made well in the southern part of the town and made 2 faucets in the middle, making it a water for the living and emergency.

Modern water supply in Ueda City was made in 1922. Until then, because there were little good quality drinking water in the city, this water was valuable and the water supply was used carefully, repaired and collected by people at their own expense.

It seems that the well is not used so much now but that it has been largely remodeled by the consensus of residents and preserved.

Ueda city carefully preserved historical buildings such as Ueda castle, Ueda ruler’s house residence trace, Yanagi-machi street and so on.

Recently, as a tourism resource, from the trend of utilizing historical heritage, cultural properties are protected but without such things, cultural properties has been protected in Ueda city from the natural feelings and actions of the residents.
It is fine.

After getting the water a little, going further north, and looking in the west, you will see a fabulous built shop.

This is “Hishi-ya”, which manufactures and sells Takeda miso.
The shopkeeper seems to be descended from Shingen Takeda, and maybe the shop name “Hishi-ya” is from “Takeda Hishi”, Rhombus.

The Miso seems to be made using only domestic raw materials.
The day the manager came visit was new year holidays, and I could not go inside the store and saw it on HP.

Various miso is making as much as I surprisingly said, “is there a variety of products such as Miso?”
As a manager likes rice, “blue soy sauce miso” “Namba miso” etc. are very attracted.
I guess it will be delicious if I put it on hot rice( ̄▽ ̄ )

Looking to the north from Hishi-ya,

This bridge seems to be the end of Yanagi-machi.
Up to this point, maybe about 300 meters.

Although it is not that long distance, it is a pleasant street, as it has a unique shop on a street with its atmosphere.

If I am not alone, I can watch a lot in various stores.
However, I visited there alone and felt shy to enter shops ^^;

Even such a person could enjoy enough, Yanagi-machi☆

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