Ueda city, Nagano ⑩ ― In Yanagi-machi, Okazaki Brewery ―

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Last time I came up to the neighborhood where Ueda High School is, former Ueda Domain lodging site, which is a little south of Otemon. This time, we will introduce the town named Yanagi-machi, where we go further north and the old town-scape remains.

Walking along the moat of the former Ueda Domain lodging residence, it is a three-way street. On the left, there is a moat continuing, which leads to Ueda City Office building. The right is a narrow road.

Even if I go from there, it will not be different so much, but the administrator turned to the right because the direction from the right was slightly closer.
As I go towards the north, I will reach the site of “Otemon”, which I introduced earlier.

I will walk a narrow road heading north.
There seems to be a residential area, and there are eating and drinking restaurants as well.
Unfortunately, there is no menu outside, so I do not know if sake is served.

After about 10 minutes I will reach Yanagi-machi.
It is like this.


… In the photo, the shadow of the administrator ^^;

The left side of this picture was a little plaza.


In the plaza, there is a guide sign for Yanagi-machi.


Looking carefully, there is “En-musubi-Mizu-kake-Jizou”, poured Jizou governing fortune of love.




He is “Kirigakure Saizou”

He is one of “Sanada Jyu-You-Shi”, ten faithful worriers of Sanada Yukimura.

After wishing me to have a wonderful fortune of love to Ojizou-san, I will proceed through the street.

After a while, you will see a sign like this.


It is hard to see unless it is expanded … No, it is hard to see even if it is expanded, but it is “Kirei” “Okazaki store”.

Yes, this is Okazaki Shuzou (brewery), which is the brewer of “Kirei”.
I came to Yanagi-machi because to visit Okazaki Shuzou.

The shop front is like this.
It seems there to be a liquor brewery behind this store.


More beautiful pictures are posted on Okazaki Brewery’s web site.
The sake “Kirei” is made in such a town like this.

If I think so, I feel that it would like to drink sake.

In the shop there were sake that can be bought only here.
Also you can taste it.

The female shop owner told me that I could tasting sake, but unfortunately I was not able to taste as I was coming by car.

I hope someone else will drive together, but unfortunately, because I am coming alone, it can not be helped (crying)

Inside the shop not only sake but also sake bowl, sauce, sweets made with sake etc. were also sold.

As I looked all the way, I bought a limited liquor and sweets only at this time, and left the shop.

The limited liquor is here, “Kirei Shiboritate-Genshu -Kirei freshly brewed raw liquor”.

亀齢 しぼりたて原酒
亀齢 しぼりたて原酒

This is classified “Junmai-shu (brewed by rice only)”, as it is also in the label, the type is “Muroka-Nama-Genshu (nonfiltered raw sake not diluted”.

As it is unusual for Japanese sake, its alcohol degree is 20%.

Should I express it, It is a dry alcohol with sweetness in the back of alcohol. It is a good sake.

… Of course, I was drinking it after I came home ^^;

In the bag where sake was put, a pamphlet for Okazaki Brewery was contained .

In this brewery, the master of sake brewer is female, and according to the web site it seems that there are only about 25 female master of sake brewer in Japan.
In the pamphlet there was a picture of the awards ceremony at the conference.

The master and shop owner, both are very beautiful.

I heard that Sake Cake, born in the course of Japanese sake brewing, has a great beauty effect, so I wonder if the reason for beauty is a liquor cake effect of Japanese sake.

The administrator is taking placenta everyday, but recently, as I feel not so mach effect seems to be, I thought that I should buy sake Cake and eat it.

Well, in the case of a manager, the placenta is not bad, I guess I’m working overtime ^^;

If you are interested, please visit Okazaki Brewery’s website.

You should be hit if you go for “Ueda City” “Okazaki Shuzo Brewery” if you go for it.

Someday I hope I will be able to get a link on the brewery site, (¯ ∇ ¯) … far eyes …

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