Ueda city, Nagano ③ ―Walking under the cliff―

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The third time is the continuation of Ueda castle tour.

Just before writing this blog, I inserted images in the first and second articles.

When I visited Ueda City in October, I did not take pictures for some reason. The only picture I had took was one posted at the end of the second blog.

As I wrote this blog, after all I thought that it would be better to put not only sentences but also photos. As a certain teacher says, if it’s a nice thing to do now, do it now! So I visited Ueda city again on December 11th, I took a picture^^ I was amazed at what kind of head structure I have! Adding a picture, I think that this blog will become an easy-to-understand article.

Well, let’s return from the article and let us continue to tell “Amagafuchi”.

Last time we had an article that the Chikumagawa River flows through this “Amagafuchi” in the past. Ueda castle is made on the cliff along this Chikuma River, and the defense power of the castle is the highest here.
Since I took Ueda castle from “Amagafuchi” Today, because of changing the date it being exactly yesterday, please see it.

I put the photos in order from the west side. When you take a look at the 2nd photo and the 5th photo, you feel like “cliff”. Looking at the 1st piece and the 3rd piece, it seems that you can understand that the castle were built using nature to build stone walls and towers.
It may seem that there is no height so far as to be imagined from the word “cliff”. Indeed, it is not an impression that it is not “cliff wall”. But in the past, when the Chikuma river was flowing, this land itself was lower, perhaps the cliffs seemed high.

Well, from this 1st photo to the 2nd photo, the space between the tower to the other tower is “Honmaru”. The last photo of the last article was the east tower, so this time I took a photo of the west tower.

On the west side of this tower, there is a shortcut to “Honmaru”.

Was it used to be there?

Go along the road further here, there is a restaurant, named “Ten-Teke-Ten” (one of imitation sound in Japanese. In one opinion, it express sound of small drums), which is registered in this site.

In this restaurant, Creative Japanese food is 300 yen for every item, is not it a nice shop?
Of course, there is also Sake, we have included the data. If you are interested, please see the information of it.
By the way, when you point a little to the left from the angle of the shop here, the picture above, you will look like this.

It is a cliff. Moreover, on this cliff is Uenida Castle’s “Ninomaru”.
Going further, you can see something like this.

It was a cliff!
On this cliff is a defensive facility that prevents the approach of the enemies from the west, which was called “Koizumi Kuruwa”. It seems that “Baba” (space for training horses) was placed in the Edo period because there was quite a large area. Currently, there are two gymnasiums.

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