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Good evening.

Thank you for visiting this sake search site.

This site is a site that you can look up shops and restaurants where you can drink a certain bran d or products of Nihon-shu, Sake.

This site has a database on what Sake are served in the shop or restaurant, and in order to make that database, I, the administrator, go here and there, investigate shops and restaurants and put the information in the database.

Added to this, I write irregularly my blog about what I saw, did and felt in the investigations.

It’s about 7 months since I began writing a blog, but during that time I made articles about visiting Ueda City and Komoro City.

Looking back them again, I think that these articles are rather traveling diary than writing the investigation itself.

Because I thought that I wanted to become traveler like Saigyou, who is famous poet priest in Japan, or Ibn Battuta and to live by writing traveling diaries, there is no problem that these articles are rather traveling diary than writing the investigation itself.

It takes a relatively long time to write articles about the investigations.

They say that I, the administrator, am comparatively a perfectionist.

When I begin to write history or something based on facts, I wonder if the writings are right and begin to look up or to add the results

It is told by a manager, a person often, but if it is comparatively a perfectionist, and beginning to write facts based on facts or something, I wonder if they are writing the right things, are they no mistakes, It is because I become interested and I want to investigate about it, and to pack lots of things later.

Also, I am concerned about the composition.

I do not think that it is becoming such a high level thing though I investigate and am concerned about the composition, though ^^;

Now I feel that this site serves you little information about shop and restaurants, such as what foods is served, what is the atmosphere and so on.

So I will serve such information in new blog category, “My Three Meals”.

In this category, I wrote foods, drinks, services atmosphere and so on about the shop or restaurant which I visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner, with photographs.

I think that those articles in this category can compensate the vacancy of photographs in the database, which can’t serve in technical reasons.

From now on I write both Investigation and My Three Meals articles.

I hope you will enjoy them and be useful for you.

Now, I write the first “My Three Meals” articles in another blog!

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