[Begining of Sake] – Let’s learn more about Sake!


This series “Begining of Sake” is an articles aimed at “understanding sake, becoming more fond“.

Needless to say, sake is a unique Japanese alcoholic beverage brewed in Japan, and is familiar to Japanese.
In recent years, with the spread of Japanese cuisine, sake has been exported abroad and international appraisals have been held.
On the other hand, I think few people, including Japanese, have enough knowledge about Sake.

Looking back, I has written or posted several articles on this site but does not present articles about systematic knowledge of sake.
This series is written for providing systematic knowledge of sake and having more people fond of sake by KIKISAKE-SHI, Sake Tester.

With the motto “Details and Easy to Understand,” all articles in this series summarize basic knowledge about sake in “13 times in total.”
• “Those who have recently started drinking sake
• “People who want to learn a little more about sake
• “Those who want to deepen their knowledge

If you apply to the above, please read this series by all means.
I’m sure that by the time you finish reading, you’ll have learned various trivia about sake, and you’ll love sake more!


The articles are below:


1. Brewed, Distilled and Mixed liquor, 3 types of alcohol classified by manufacturing methods and characteristics!

Alcoholic beverages are divided into three categories: “brewed liquor,” “distilled liquor,” and “mixed liquor.”
This article describes these three alcoholic beverages and their manufacturing methods and characteristics.

[What you know in this article]

Three Alcoholic Beverages, Their Manufacturing Methods and Characteristics


2. Quickly understand! Explain the ways and characteristics of the six typical types of sake!

There are few people who even know how alcohol they usually drink is made.
This article explains how to make six typical types of sake, as well as introduces the characteristics of each.

[What you know in this article]

Manufacturing methods and characteristics of the typical “6 types of alcoholic beverages”


3. The taste of sake can be divided into “four types”!

As for the taste of sake, it is common to classify sake as spicy or sweet mouth, but there are 4 categories of sake based on the taste and flavor of sake: “Kunshu”, Soushu, Junshu, and Jukushu.
This article explains the four types of flavors of such sake.

[What you know in this article]

4 types of Japanese sake called ” Kunshu, Soshu, Junshu, Jukushu “


4. The taste of sake is determined by eight elements! Explanation of knowledge to become popular!

The taste of sake is expressed from a variety of perspectives other than sweet and dry.
This article introduces eight elements related to the taste of sake.

[What you know in this article]

8 Elements Concerning the Taste of Sake


5. Taste sake with aroma! Introducing basic knowledge for becoming a connoisseur!

The aroma of sake is divided into ginjo-kou, raw flavor, ripened flavor, and lactic acid flavor.
Understanding about these scents also changes the way of enjoying sake.

Like wine tasting, it would be cool if you could understand sake with its fragrance.
This article introduces the fragrance of sake.

[What you know in this article]

Basic Knowledge of the “Scent of Sake”


6. The taste of sake changes with temperature! Introducing how to cool and warm sake to drink deliciously

Sake is an alcoholic beverage that is consumed in a variety of temperature zones, even among a number of alcoholic beverages.
If you’re going to taste sake more deliciously, it’s a good idea to know about the change in taste due to temperature.

This article introduces changes in the taste of sake due to changes in the temperature range, the names of each temperature range, and how to warm and cool sake to make sake delicious.

[What you know in this article]

Basic Knowledge of Temperature Changes in Sake and How to Warm and Cool Sake


7. Sake is fun with sake bowls! Explain the characteristics and selection of typical ingredients!!

An indispensable item when drinking sake, “sake bowl”.
It is an important supporting role for enjoying sake more, such as “Inokuchi” and “Tokkuri”.
This article explains the characteristics of each material and how to select sake bowls.

[What you know in this article]

Characteristics and Selection Methods of Alcoholic Beverages by Material


8. Taste the season! Introducing special types of sake!

Sake is a special sake that can only be produced during the season.
This article introduces such special sake.

[What you know in this article]

Special sake made only in each season


9. Seasonal event-specific! Explain how to select and recommend sake suitable for the scene!

In Japan, various events have been held throughout the year.
This article explains how to select sake suitable for each event and recommended sake.

[What you know in this article]

Sake suitable for seasonal events
History of the connection between seasons and sake


10. Seasonal Ingredients & Sake! Let’s Enjoy a higher-grade taste!

Seasonal foodstuffs are highly nutritious and healthy, and since ancient times Japanese people have emphasized dishes using seasonal ingredients.
This article explains the combination of seasonal ingredients and sake.

[What you know in this article]
Combination of seasonal ingredients and sake


11. What is “fitting or not fitting” between alcohol and cooking?

Sometimes when you combine alcohol with cooking, you are told that alcohol and cooking “go well” or “don’t go well.”
When you enjoy drinking, you will enjoy your meals even more if you know about the compatibility between alcohol and cooking.
This article introduces the basic knowledge of how to combine alcohol and cooking.

[What you know in this article]

Basic knowledge of how to combine alcohol and cooking


12. Sake and Japanese food! Which combination is compatible? Introduced by taste type!

Japanese cuisine was chosen as UNESCO’s World Intangible Cultural Heritage.
We will introduce a combination of sake, which is a part of Japanese cuisine, and Japanese cuisine that is compatible, by type of sake taste.

[What you know in this article]

How to combine Japanese food and sake


13. Wing around the world Sake! Introducing a combination of each country’s cuisine and sake!!

“Now, sake is drunk not only in Japan, but also all over the world as “SAKE”.
Such sake goes well with dishes other than Japanese cuisine.
Here, we will introduce dishes from various countries that are compatible with sake.

[What you know in this article]

Dishes from various countries that are compatible with sake


Each articles are to be posted once in two or three weeks.
These articles are translation of Original articles written in Japanese but arranged for non-Japanese people.

It is my Pleasure for you to read it, know and enjoy sake!

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